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Richardson Texas For iPad Screen Repair

iFixGeek the trusted Mac® Repair shop in Richardson Texas. Let’s Get fixed up! Any Apple iPad®, iPad Pro®, iPad mini®, Common Problems like, iPad® shattered screen & LCD, Broken hinge, MagSafe® charging port issue, Apple® iPad battery Replacement, iSight camera replacement, microphone issue, loud-speaker repair, Hard drive upgrade, Mac with Apple® logo, iCloud® setup, data migration, liquid damage restoration, hard drive data recovery, SSD upgrades, Ram upgrades, OS X install, kernel panic, port repair, logic board replacement, graphics card issue, overheating issue, WiFi card, keyboard replacement, Power supply unlocking mac user, cinema display, thunderbolt, time capsule, system backup & Mac® tec0hnical support.

Apple iPad Repair Service Richardson

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iPad® Repair Richardson

  • iPad® 1st gen
  • iPad® 2nd gen
  • iPad® 3rd gen
  • iPad® 4th gen
  • iPad® 5th gen
  • iPad® 6th gen
  • iPad® Air
  • iPad® Air 2
  • iPad® mini
  • iPad® mini 2
  • iPad® mini 3
  • iPad® mini 4
  • iPad® Pro 9.7
  • iPad® Pro 10.5
  • iPad® Pro 12.9


iphone repair richardson

We do service on all iPads, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad pro 9.7, iPad pro 10.5, iPad 12.7. Screen replacement, LCD Replacement, battery Replacement, Home button replacement, Camera Replacement, Front Camera Replacement, Software updates, and other services. We give 60 days warranty on all the parts we provide.

Our convenient Mac repair service in Richardson is a call away and is available at the time that suits you, please call for appointment beside normal business hours. Our technicians are certified and experienced. Our senior tech has been working on Apple® device for 11+ years and has depth knowledge for all your Mac related questions and for general counseling. Our senior tech is Apple certified Mac Technical, Apple Certified iOS Technician, Apple Certified Associate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I fix my freezing iPad?

A:Try to reboot your iPad and most user do not reboot their iPad time to time. Most case if you reboot you iPad it will do a fresh start.

Q: I am giving my iPad to my friend. How do I delete my information from my iPad so my friend will not have my information.

A:You can erase all setting and content, going in the “Setting” and “General” from your iPad and remove iCloud account from your iPad.

Q: My iPad is Disabled, How do I able it?

A:Try Plug in your iPad to the computer with iTunes. iTunes will ask for your Apple iCloud and password information provide iCloud information and it will remove the disable from your iPad.

Q: How do I save battery life on my iPad?

A:Use a battery saving modes on your iPads. Reduce screen brightness, Use wifi instead of 4G, turn of bluetooth if you are not using any bluetooth devices, these are the easy step to save battery life on your iPad.

Q: I am trying to do the backup in iCloud from my iPad and it is not letting me do any backup?

A:Backing up issues occurs when you have not reboot your iPad for long time and sometime due to not doing any software updates.