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The full form of LCD is (Liquid-crystal display) we have to replace LCD  on iPhone 6 whenever we go through different problems. One of the first reasons is your iPhone 6 LCD screen gets cracked. When we press hard on LCD then iPhone 6 LCD may bleed. Sometimes, we put the phone in our back pocket and absently we sit on the screen and iPhone 6 may get cracked. LCD screens are very sensitive if something hard gets stuck with the LCD than your screen may get cracked. If you do not fix that LCD on time then it may bring other problems on a device eventually so before we mess with the device we have to replace the iPhone 6 LCD.  

The second reason to change the LCD replacement is a touch issue. In touch issue what happens is suppose we try to type 1 but it may type 2 and when we try to type 2 it may type 1. When you try to play with your device sometimes the device does not respond properly and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. At that condition, you do not have any option other than changing your iPhone 6 LCD. We have to replace the iPhone 6 LCD.

The third reason to change the LCD is liquid damage or water damage. When you spill some liquid/water on the iPhone 6 the liquid/water gets spread inside the screen and the screen may not function as it suppose to and touch may not work at all or may work partially. In this condition, you need to change the LCD replacement on iPhone 6

The fourth reason to change the LCD replacement is to see some kind of geometrical mark on the screen for e.g. line on LCD, half dark half bright LCD, full dark LCD, etc. Sometimes we can notice the line on the screen of the LCD. Eventually, it starts to spread as a big line if we do not fix it on time. When the screen gets half dark or half-bright eventually the screen gets turned off. So if you replace your iPhone 6 LCD on time it protects the further loss or some other damage. For the full dark LCD of the iPhone 6, there is no other option than replacing the LCD of the iPhone 6.

The fifth reason is to change the LCD replacement when there is a flickering screen. Generally, the LCD starts to flicker with many reasons like dropping the iPhone 6 and the screen gets cracked. When the iPhone 6 is dropped on the water or spill some liquid on the device. Sometimes the screen even flickers with the manufacturer’s problem too. At the time of flickering of the screen, you can even notice the display turn in to fully white and the display goes on and off too, so to get rid of the condition we have to replace the LCD on the iPhone 6.

The sixth reason to change the LCD replacement on iPhone 6 is faded screen. In this condition, the brightness of the screen becomes light and the color of the screen goes off or fades. 

Following the above symptoms can be one of the reasons to replace the iPhone 6 LCD.

There is always saying prevention is better than care. We can take precaution before damaging LCD on the iPhone 6, by keeping the good case on the iPhone 6, by keeping a tempered glass on the Phone 6 and always by handling your iPhone 6 with care.

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Q: Are iPhone 6 Repairable?
A: Depending upon what kind of repair you are looking for. For the most part, iPhone 6 is repairable.

Q: Do you guys repair the iPhone 6 LCD as well or just iPad LCD?
A: We do replace iPhone 6 LCD as well all iPhone LCD and all iPad LCD too.

Q: How long it will take to replace iPhone 6 LCD?
A: It will be right away. Take about 15 to 20 minutes to replace iPhone 6 LCD.

Q: Do you have a warranty on replacing LCD  in the iPhone 6?
A: Yes, we do give you a warranty for 60 days in LCD replacement on the iPhone 6.

Q: Do you do iPhone 6 LCD repair on the same day?
A: Yes, we do iPhone 6 LCD repair on the same day.

Q: How do I know the iPhone 6 LCD screen is broken?
A: If you notice your iPhone 6 LCD is performing unusual, screen displays go off, faded color, line on the screen, cracked screen, dark screen, half dark, half white, etc. 

Q: Do you have a certified tech to replace iPhone 6 LCD?
A: Yes we do have a certified tech to replace iPhone 6 LCD.

Q: I got a line in my iPhone 6 do I need to replace the LCD?
A: If it’s because of the wire or the flex on your iPhone 6 you may not even have to replace the LCD.

Q: I drop my iPhone 6 and it’s all dark do I need to replace the LCD?
A: If it’s the loose wire in the iPhone 6 you may not even have to change the LCD.

Q: I have a flickering screen in the iPhone 6, do I need to change the LCD?
A: You may not even have to change the iPhone 6 LCD if the problem is from wire or flex.

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