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Data Recovery 75230

iFixGeek Provide Same Day Reliable Computer Repair
 Service in Richardson & North Dallas Area. Common tech service includes Virus Removal, PC Clean Up, Antivirus Installation, OS Configuration, Hard drive Upgrades to SSD, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration Backup & Restore
 Computer Tune Up, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Virus Spyware Removal, Data Migration, Hard drive Upgrade, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation, Operating System Install. Our qualified and friendly techs are helpful and make you understand what to repair. If you are looking for quick and affordable computer repair services in Richardson Texas, we are here to serve you.

We Service all kinds of PC, Laptop, & Desktop.  Models including: Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Samsung®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, including MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®, and Apple®.

Data Recovery Service in 75230

  • Data Recovery 75230
  • Data Migration 75230
  • Data Relocation 75230
  • Server Data 75230
  • Data Backup 75230
  • Data Transfer 75230
  • Photo Recovery 75230
  • Transfer data from one drive to another 75230
  • External Drive data Recovery 75230

Physical damage Hard drive Richardson Dallas ifixgeek

If a hard disk is unresponsive, responsive, and dead, we will first test the hard drive. Level of testing determine your condition of hard drive. Each individual drive are damaged differently. Some of the common reason are as follows.

  • Corrupted files
  • Logical hard drive failures
  • Physical hard drive failures
  • Dying Hard drive

We recover data from any hard drive brands such as Western Digital® (WD), Toshiba®, Seagate®, Hitachi®, Fujitsu®, and more.

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Our convenient PC repair service is a call away and is available at the time that suits you, please call for appointment beside normal business hours. Our technicians are certified and experienced. Our senior tech has been working on Windows® PC and Computer for 11+ years and has depth knowledge for all your PC Computer related questions and for general counseling. Our senior tech is CompTIA A+ certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to recover my data from hard disk drive?
A: It depend on your condition of the hard disk drive. Also, Level of recovery, hard drive space and health condition of your hard disk drive will let us know how long it will take to recover your data.

Q: Is it possible to recover data from damaged hard disk?
A: It depend upon what kind of hard disk damage. If the disk or the platter inside of disk is damage that it will be almost impossible to recover the data. Most cases if there is data in the hard drive it can be recovered.

Q: How much do I need to pay for the recovery of my data?
A: We need to diagnose your hard drive. Cost is depend upon the condition of your hard drive. We cannot identify visibly by looking on the hard drive. We do have three different level of data recovery process.

Q: Do you recover data from formatted disk?
A: Yes, we do recover data from formatted disk.

Q: Is desktop and laptop’s hard drive data recovery different?
A: General process is same, smaller hard drive required different tools to perform recovery process.

Q: Do you need to open hard drive to recover data from hard drive?
A: Opening hard drive required clean room and it is a last option after trying all the necessary step to recover data fails. We do let our client know, if we come to a conclusion to open hard drive.

Q: My external hard drive make a clicking noise, hard drive is unreadable by my computer?
A: We need to identify what kind of clicking noise your hard drive is making. If your hard drive is recognized by our computer or data recovery device, we will be able to recover data quick. If there is a physical damage on the hard drive we will need to open up your hard drive and opening hard drive require clean room.

Q: Can I recover data from dead external hard disk drive?
A: Unless there is no power supply going to the hard disk drive we can able to recover data. If there is PCB damage we may need to fix board first.

Q: How much time it takes to do the data recovery?
A: It may take from 1 day to 3 months depending upon the situation of your hard drive and how much space you have on the hard drive.