Catalina MacOS Operating System Issue Allen


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Catalina MacOS Operating System Issue Allen

iFixgeek is an all in one IT service company providing professional services to residents of Richardson.  We help you to get serviced with any of your PC/Mac/smartphone/tablet issues like Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, Mac Tune-Up, OS Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Hardware upgrade, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation, Software update, battery replacement, screen replacement, charging port issue, touch problem repair, broken screen repair/replacement, Catalina macOS, Mojave OS, High Sierra OS, Sierra OS and many more.

We provide all kind of service and support for MacBooks®, for MacBook Pros®, for MacBook Airs®, for iMacs®, for Mac Pros®, for Mac Minis®, for iMac Pros.

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Apple MacBook Pro A1989 2018

MacOS 10.15 Catalina

  • For MacBook® Repair & Services includes, MacBook® Hard drive upgrade, MacBook® Screen Replacement, MacBook® Battery replacement, MacBook® Tune-up, MacBook ®factory reset, MacBook® IO Board replacement, MacBook® Keyboard Replacement, MacBook® Trackpad Replacement, MacBook® Charging port replacement, MacBook® RAM upgrade, MacBook® Memory upgrade, MacBook® software updates, MacBook® Data Recovery, and more.
  • For MacBook Pro® Repair & Services includes, MacBook Pro® Hard drive upgrade, MacBook Pro® Screen Replacement, MacBook Pro® Battery replacement, MacBook Pro® Tune-up, MacBook Pro® factory reset, MacBook Pro® IO Board replacement, Keyboard Replacement, MacBook Pro® Trackpad Replacement, MacBook Pro® Charging port replacement, MacBook Pro® RAM upgrade, MacBook Pro® Memory upgrade, MacBook Pro® software updates, MacBook Pro® Data Recovery, and more
  • For MacBook Air® Repair & Services includes, MacBook Air® Hard drive upgrade, MacBook Air® Screen Replacement, MacBook Air® Battery replacement, MacBook Air® Tune-up, MacBook Air® factory reset, MacBook Air® IO Board replacement, MacBook Air® Keyboard Replacement, MacBook Air® Trackpad Replacement, MacBook Air® Charging port replacement, MacBook Air® RAM upgrade, MacBook Air® Memory upgrade, MacBook Air®software updates, MacBook Air® Data Recovery, and more
  • For iMac® Repair & Services includes, iMac® Hard drive upgrade, iMac® Screen Replacement, iMac® Tune-up, iMac® factory reset, iMac® IO Board replacement, iMac® RAM upgrade, iMac® Memory upgrade, iMac® software updates, iMac® Data Recovery, and more
  • For Mac mini® Repair & Services includes, Mac mini® Hard drive upgrade, Mac mini® Tune-up, Mac mini® factory reset, Mac mini® IO Board replacement, Mac mini® Keyboard Replacement, Mac mini® Trackpad Replacement, Mac mini® RAM upgrade, Mac mini® Memory upgrade, Mac mini® software updates, Mac mini® Data Recovery, and more
  • For Mac Pro® Repair & Services includes, Mac Pro® Hard drive upgrade, Mac Pro® Tune-up, Mac Pro® factory reset, Mac Pro® IO Board replacement, Mac Pro® Keyboard Replacement, Mac Pro® Trackpad Replacement, Mac Pro®RAM upgrade, Mac Pro® Memory upgrade, Mac Pro® software updates, Mac Pro® Data Recovery, and more.

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Slow Mac? No Worries! iFixgeek will help.

Our convenient Mac® repair service is a call away and is available at the time that suits you, please call for appointment beside normal business hours. Our technicians are certified and experienced. Our senior tech has been working on the Apple® device for 11+ years and has depth knowledge for all your Mac® related questions and for general counseling. Our senior tech is Apple® certified Mac® Technical, Apple® Certified iOS Technician, Apple® Certified Associate.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I was installing Catalina macOS on my MacBook Pro, It stops and the installation process stops and now I think everything is gone and I lost my data recovery?
A: Catalina macOS uses the APFS file system the same as Mojave, If you had High Sierra or Sierra and you were about to install Catalina macOS, it will give you trouble installing because High sierra uses the different file system. Some of the Catalina OS download file has an error or while installing there might be an issue with software than Catalina will give you this problem. In some cases, you may lose data and in some case, you may not lose data.

Q: My Mac got stuck on apple logo, Do I need to reinstall MAC OS X on my Mac?
A: Yes, if you tried everything else to resolve these issues and nothing work. You will need to install the operating system to resolve this issue.

Q: My Mac is extremely slow, how do I make it run faster?
A: We may need to do the tune-up you MacBook before we come to any conclusion to upgrade hardware on your Mac.

Q: Wifi on my Mac says hardware not installed?
A: Reboot your Mac, sometime it will solve issues like this after reboot. If the problem still comes after the reboot, there might be a problem with your wifi card that may require replacement.

Q: My Mac’s WiFi signal is missing?
A: Check other devices if they all have wifi signal in it. If not there might be a problem with your home modem. If all device has wifi signal beside your Mac. Reboot your Mac sometime it will solve issues like this after reboot. If the problem still comes after the reboot, there might be a problem with your wifi card that may require replacement.

Q: My Mac shows a black screen, what is wrong with it?
A: Make sure you are connected with a charger or your battery has a charge in it. If there is light on the Mac besides the screen, there may be a problem on your screen, try connecting with external display to find out if your Mac is turning on or not.

Q: Mac is dead can I recover my data?
A: Yes, most cases you can depending upon which mac you have.

Q: How can I find a model or serial number for mac?
A: If you flip your MacBook you will see small written on the bottom, you can find model and serial numbers.

Q: My MacBook shows orange light but does not charge?
A: Try restarting your mac and see if it does the same thing again, if not you may either need to replace the battery or there is a problem on the logic board.

Q: My MacBook has to be charged all the time or it dies?
A: Most of the time if this happens it is coming out from battery, you may be required to charge the battery.

Q: I spill liquid on my Mac what can I do?
A: When Liquid is a spill on Mac, make sure you unplug the charging cable and turn off the computer if it is already turn off do not turn on. Go to the nearest mac repair shop and tell them about your situation.

Q: Keyboard is not responding on my Mac?
A: If the entire keyboard is not working or some keys are not responding. We need to do a diagnostic either problem is coming from the keyboard or something else.

Q: App does not support, how can I upgrade OS X?
A: Yes, we do upgrade Mac OS X. If you a desire Mac OS X you want to upgrade with let us know.

Q: Can I install SSD on my Mac?
A: Yes, you can but depend upon what kind of Mac you have. Some Macs have they have SSD some still have HDD. We need to find out whether on your Mac we can install a new SSD.

Q: My Mac is slow?
A: You can find out why it is slow. One way you can find out is by going to application/Utilities and look for activity monitor and click on memory and see if any apps that are open taking up computer memory. Sometime some apps may slow down your Mac.

Q: Do you do a memory upgrade on Mac? How much it will cost me?
A: Yes, We do memory upgrade on Macs. Cost depends on what kind of Mac you have.

Q: Do you fix Broken Screen on Mac, How much it cost?
A: Yes, we do fix Broken Screen for Mac. Cost varies depending upon what Mac you have.


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